BKL’s First Math Level Completer

We’re immensely proud to introduce Sarina Iqbal – our first Kumon Completer from BRAC Kumon Ltd. At age 15, Sarina completed the last level of the Kumon Math Program having joined the program at Level A1, back in December 2017 at the Dhanmondi Center when she was in the 7th Grade. On this occasion, we had asked her to share a few words with her regarding her Kumon journey.

Sarina, 16, from Sunnydale school says that she has always found her Kumon classes vibrant and enjoyable which she says made it different for her from a traditional classroom. She thanks her teachers at Kumon for her experiences and achievements at Kumon. Being a Kumon Completer, Sarina says she feels a mix of ecstasy and nervousness too because she will not be going back to classes twice a week as she has done for so long. Sarina describes her Kumon experience in three words – worthwhile, unconventional and congenial.

Sarina’s father also shared his reflection from his daughter’s time at Kumon. When he first came to know about Kumon, it sounded a bit different to them, and they later realized that this method of learning was very different from a “typical coaching center” rather that it would help Sarina build character. Sarina’s father says that she has always been a confident girl, but Kumon has played a big part in bringing her self-confidence to the next level. As a parent, her father says that his experience was wonderful – whenever he went to pick and drop her off, he found the center staff to be very cooperative and that the center environment was “just like home”.

Her father also adds that when Sarina was finishing up Kumon, she was also preparing for her O’level exams, but she always finished her daily Kumon work with gusto thanks to her strong work ethic – another Kumon learning. About Kumon, he finally shares with other parents to consider Kumon as “not just another coaching to learn math formulae, but a place where children can learn valuable life skills that will be instrumental to their future careers”.

Sarina also had some final words for her fellow mates at Kumon – she asks everyone “to make the best out this once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Indeed, Sarina, we wish you a big congratulations and know you’ll reach great heights!